Saturday, March 14, 2020

Corona Virus

I’ve heard from several sides about this “pandemic” the media is calling the Corona Virus.  It’s a group of viruses in which we have no immunities to.  Some folks are rolling their eyes and poking the fire exchanging kisses and handshakes for laughs and lunch.  Others have self quarantined, shutting themselves away from the world, prepared to stay in hibernation until whatever this is blows over.

Across the country, families are stock piling paper goods like toilet paper and paper towel along with alcohol, bleach, soap, and any other Virus killing project they can get their hands on.

Elementary Schools in the entire state are closedFor the next two weeks, and the universities have moved to only only learning. Other states have closed their schools “indefinitely” and governors have ruled that kids will not need to complete a full 180 days to move to the next grade level.

I’m concerned for friend and family who work in the theater and television industry relying on a gig lifestyle to earn enough to pay for rent, food, and all other expenses.

Disney is closed, universal is closed, Broadway’s dark, TV shows are taping  in front of no audience at all. Conferences are postponing and canceling, travel from Europe now is banned, and the president of handily said he might cancel domestic travel as well.

To be honest, I’m not really worried about the Virus as much as I’m worried about our economy and wellbeing of of friends and family directly impacted financially from this.

We’re less than a week into a full blown WHO named pandemic- and I hope it goes away sooner than later.

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