Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2Y16D: "STUCK!"

The baby is getting bigger every day. It's time for toys and stimulation that playing peek-a-boo just won't accomplish.

We combined pieces from two different floor play gyms, and it seems that big D. thought it was much more fun than Amelia did.

That's ok, she'll get the hang of it, and perhaps build a few new engrams while at it. True, she isn't learning Mandarin, Spanish, or how to compose, but she's learning something.

I hope.

That's what "they" tell me.

Also we set up the excersaucer thinking A. had enough head control to sit in it.

She loved it! Sure, she can only be in it a couple of minutes, but as she gets stronger and stronger, she'll enjoy it more and more.

It was put in the corner for later when...

You got it, who just can't keep his hands off it?
He remembered it, and went straight over to his favorite toys from it.

I don't have any issues with him staying on the outside, playing with both it and his sister in it.

But he decided he wanted to get in.

So he did.

And he is too big.

So, like everyday, just like his mom, he got stuck:

After removing him several more times, I got tired.

So when he got stuck again, I just watched as he tried to get out on his own.

Note: No children were hurt during the making of these pictures.

That'll teach him!


Until tomorrow, when he tries to get into while WHILE Amelia is in it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2Y15D: Peter and The Wolf

"Watch Wolf" "Watch Wolf!"

Screw Barney.

Suck it "All About...whatever '80's things you want to talk about"

Up Yours Dora!

We've discovered Peter and the Wolf. This version is a short Polish-British-Norwegian model animation film released in 2006. It's fabulous, I'd love to see a live performance of Prokofiev's music to it.

Then again who am I kidding? I know he'll ask for Barney after we watch this another 2 or 3 times.

For now, it's nice, and I'm going to pretend like it will last forever...

Monday, November 28, 2011

2Y14D: The Great Escape

I wish this morning were as exciting as this movie. Perhaps it's similar in that instead of an escape proof camp, I have what I thought was an escape proof apt.

I don't.

It was bound to happen, I suppose.

It was only time until he figured out how to open to front screen door, and that time came today.

Just a minute after Brian had left for school.

I thought he ( Brian) had run back into the house to grab something and run back out. So I said "HI, that was fast!"

No crying from Big D asking for his dad.

I heard the door close.

No Daniel.

I run to the door, run out, and who is there just standing in the driveway?


Heart Attack.

Lock your doors.

Nothing is toddler proof.

2Y11D: Need a Tissue?

As an adult, you can take care of your cold in any number of ways; OTC medicines, whiskey Hot Toddy's, et al. You can even blow your nose whenever and as often as you like.

When you are 2, it's not that easy.

I hear, it's not the best - well, you're really not supposed to give kids whiskey, or even OTC cold remedies (now-a-days "they" don't even want to give kids meds until they are six!)

Yet still their noses run.

And Run.

And run.

If you're lucky, you can get them to blow into a tissue.

I'm not that lucky.

Perhaps once an hour or so I can get Big D. to blow into a tissue. If only that were the only time his nose ran. Alas, it is not.

All other times, he has "trails"; beautiful, clear, snail trails of boogers that will run down his nose, around his mouth onto his chin and then drip right off his chin without a batted eye.

You'd think that would bother him.

It doesn't.

Today I left a box of tissues out long with grocery bag with dirty ones right next to a squirt bottle of hand sanitizer. We were going to be neat and clean and not get the baby sick.

No one likes a sick baby.

Yet now the baby is sick, too.

For her, the best thing I can do is a what I call "baby neti."

This uncomfortable thing for her requires some saline (warmed to body temp) a large spit cloth/towel and a nasal aspirator.

I turn her on her side with her head facing down a bit, and squirt the warmed saline in one nostril. It comes out the other generally speaking, but it's important to make sure her head is down so she doesn't swallow or choke on it. The gently use the aspirator and get as much as you can.

She hates it, but it works.

No fun there.


Back to big D, who is...was watching "All About Trucks" for the umpteenth Time...

He finds the tissues which I left a little too close to the edge of the counter, and before I can get to him, he has torn out every single tissue. And you know what that little genius angel did?

He finally blows his nose.

Into the world biggest tissue.

I guess that's something.

Friday, November 25, 2011

2Y10D: happy thanksgiven

When I think of thanksgiving, I think of family.

Family is not just mom and dad, grandparents, siblings and pets. A family is a group of two or more who share a deep genuine care for and about each other. Many times a persons chosen family is a closer knit group than blood relatives.

Some may disagree with this, but I strongly believe that just because you are born kin, doesn't automatically make you family.

If family were gold, I 'd be a very wealthy woman. Though genealogically speaking, my family tree is as small as Charlie Brown's, I have cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends all of whom i call my family and all of whom share one thing in common; they are not related to me. Not even a small branch on my tree can claim them.

And so, to explain, I say this: I may have a stumpy family tree, but I have a beautiful, colorful family garden.

For my family young and old, I am thankful.

For good food in abundance, I am thankful (and a bit guilty and gluttonous)

For friends near and far, new and long lasting, I am thankful.

And for Tv shows that keep my son's attention without me, high capacity nighttime diapers,and the hope that both children go to sleep hassle free by eight, I am thankful in advance.

Happy thanksgiving to all, And to all a good night.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2Y9D: Rain & The Computer pt.3

Ah rain.  It's good for flowers, fields, and filling up the reservoirs.

But you know what it's not good for?  Two- year old toddlers who trash Tupperware cabinets,  good temperaments, and the fast passage of time.  It seemed it was 9:30am for at least 4 hours today.  And by 9:30, it was already a very long day.

And it was cold.  Very very cold, and very very wet.  So taking the kids out, unless it was really necessary was just not in the cards.

However, rain is good for one thing, making you sleepy; and for  first time in 2 days big D took a nap. Actually, for the first time ever, all three of us took a nap.  It's a good thing too, because headaches, children, and rain do not mix well.

This afternoon, (which was so dark it seemed like night), I left my already sad computer open to change yet another diaper ( I do this quite often throughout the day) I came back to this:

My typing is getting worse, but my knowledge and memory of where the keys are is getting better.  Perhaps this is the new way to learn how to type...perhaps not.

On the plus side, I did some baking - ok, I'm currently doing some baking for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It'll be really nice to spend some time with the Grandparents - though tiring as it can be, there is no end to the love they share.

For family, we are very thankful.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2Y8D: The Dentist

This what you get from the pediatric dentist after your visit.  Once you get to the end...which might take a while. 

For Daniel, it was especially traumatic since just recently a man in a coat, in an unknown office, with bright lights,  held him down and did a little more than just looked in his nose and mouth.

The poor kid screamed and clung to me for dear life.  No way was this guy getting anywhere near his mouth.

And so, after he calmed a bit, I held him facing me on my lap and laid him down backwards into the lap of the dentist.  I held his arms against his screaming and flailing as that guy just did his thing; looked, cleaned, brushed and gave him a fluoride treatment.

Good thing he got a great check-up - no cavities!

While there, I asked if he would look at my daughter just to confirm that she was in fact getting teeth, and not just odd white things in her mouth.

The dentist confirmed that my not yet 4 month old had two emerged canines, two more just below the surface, one molar just below the surface, and EVERY TOOTH between them on top ready to come down.  White dots along her entire gum line!!!  This child will not nurse until she is 18 months (like my son) it's time for a bottle of half and half - half formula, half from the tap.

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's not all that bad

"Kisses Amelia" in a sing song voice, he leans over and gives her some love.

The first week of his second year third year of his life started out with an explosion.

But it isn't all that bad.  Sometimes, like this afternoon, he does something that just melts my heart.

Then seconds later, rips his pants and diaper off and goes barreling through the house.  (Sorry, no baby parts and pieces pictures...he might read this one day)

To burn energy and get fresh air, we go to the park.  And,  though chilly, today was a beautiful day:

The more energy he burns the better, especially since he didn't nap today.

Miss Amelia didn't do too much running, but she was pretty cute.

Yet as much fun as we had,  by the time we got home, we were missing 1 shoe and 2 socks.  I found the shoe, but I didn't find the socks.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll retrace our steps.  The worst part about losing these particular socks, is that they were a mismatched pair to begin with, the others are in the laundry.  *sigh.

He fell asleep at 6pm, so you know at 3am he'll be up and ready to play...I should go to sleep myself.

UPDATE-  I WAS RIGHT!!  That stinker  woke up at 3am and played until 4:30.  Wide awake.  Miss Amelia was awakened by the crashing of D's dump-truck into the cabinets...or was it the screaming and crying when he dropped his ambulance (that he got at the ER the other day) behind our bed? Either way, just as he was settling down, she woke up and wanted breakfast. 

It's a good thing I went to sleep early.  Wonder what today holds for us?


I thought it was me.

I, however, thought I sprayed the Fabreeze.

Why then, was the smell getting stronger, and how did my son get chocolate pudding all over his hands?

Wait, I didn't give him chocolate pudding today!  Holy SH*T!



Really, truly, unquestionably... gross.

My angel did his business, then, I can only suppose, wanted to make sure it was still there.  I'm here to testify that yes indeed, it was still there. 

After the appropriate diaper change, it only took 30 minutes or so to get the evidence either put in the laundry pile, cleaned off the couch, wiped off the changing table, cleaned off his hands,  and wiped off his entire back.

I wish he were as interested in the potty as he is with his own poo.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

2Y7D: These teeth are made for chomping

Daniel has had teeth since he was 4 months old.  Unlike my daughter, who, at 3 months is already getting her canines, (I know, vampire baby)  D. got his teeth in the typical order.

And they are sharp.

And he eats paper.

Today he was chewing on a chunk of envelope.  He knows he isn't supposed to chew any paper like that because every time he does something he shouldn't, he looks at me with his charming smile and says: "Hi!"

I tried fishing out the spit ball (which you know is just a few months away) and he chomped.  Hard.

He's like an alligator, easier to keep his mouth closed than open.

I yelled so loudly, I scared myself.  But did he let go?  Oh no.  I really thought the "ow, oW, OW, OW, OW" would have have givin him the clue to let go... and...eventually, he did.

And left teeth marks.

Once I calmed down, I asked for "kisses for my boo-boo."  You know, like mommy's do.

What did he do?  That alligator reared back, bared his teeth, and clamped down once more.  I was horrified! I had to look to make sure he didn't draw blood.

What did I do?  I picked that green scaled animal up by his tail and, with all the reservation of an American Indian, put him in time-out.  In his room.  With the door shut.

We both took a time out.

And now I sit and think about how to deal with my paper chewing, alligator, biting child.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 Years, 6 Days - Clothing Optional

We are all born into this world beautiful, soft, and naked (once we're cleaned up.)

For some reason, our Cro-Magnon ancestors decided to cover our parts and pieces, at least a little bit.  Aside from protection from the weather, it's hard to tell why. 

Today we are required to cover up, a law protects others rights from our indecent exposure.  But why?  We all have boobs, butts and nipples, right?

Alas, we cover up.

Daniel was dressed by his dad today in cute overalls:

He's going through a period where he doesnt like to wear clothing - especially pants.  He runs around the house and jumps on his bed.  Though cute as always, it's hard to take him to the park like this.
(I know, it's  a full diaper)

Then, when you try to catch the little guy, he slides off the bed and onto the floor:

Runs across the house and tries to take off his shirt in the process.  This day his disrobing antics were thwarted, and he was dressed once more.

He has also discovered that he has parts that feel good when touched.  Currently he is on a nipple kick, but he has also found interest inside the diaper.  Oh help us, this is just going to get worse.  I don't want him to feel badly, self conscious,  or embarrassed.  I suppose around here, clothing is optional only before bath time or when I'm too tired to put his pants back on.

Then again, maybe he doesn't like is diaper;  tonight he managed to take his diaper off without taking his overalls off. There were a few snaps unsnapped and POOF baby parts and pieces airing out inside his pants, and a diaper on the floor.

Brian thinks he's the David Copperfield of the baby world.

Friday, November 18, 2011

2 Years, 5 days - Sappy Sweet

When the child is quiet...he's up to something.

This is was a new bottle of syrup as of Monday.  Today is Friday.

It's real.
It's big.
It was left on the kitchen table after breakfast. was quiet.

I say: "Daaaaniel...Whatcha doooin'?"

He walks around the corner with this jug of syrup drinking from it as though it were a bottle.  Tilted up, fingers through the jug handle, syrup dripping all down his outfit.  Now of course, I don't have a picture of that, because that would just be too lucky on my part to have my camera in my hand at that very second.  So I quickly take away the bottle and look down at the damage:

Doesn't look too bad...

Until I look closer to the refrigerator:

From where I stand this is what I see...

...and then I walk around the corner:

Those tiles are 12" x 12".

It's a good thing I mopped on Wednesdaay, this could have been a real pain in the a** to clean up.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Years, 4 Days - Search and Recover, dates gone wild

It's amazing how much work goes into moving children from one location to another.  Packing a bag which contains all of the following: Diapers, wipes, food/snacks, milk/drinks, change of clothes, changing blanket, Tylenol, tweezers, sanitizer et al +/- a few things takes more time than you think. Plus. getting the baby into her car seat and D to walk to the car instead of running into our neighbors yard  takes at least an additional ten.

And that is just to go to the park! 

Today we had an appointment (OK, I thought we had an appointment today) that would take us right up to D's nap time.  Inside the office were tons of kid toys, books, and playthings - even a TV with Disney jr..  There were other kids his age to play with. But does he find any of this interesting for more than 5 minutes? Oh no.

He goes exploring.

Imagine; a double stroller, a 2 year old, and a 3 month old who really just wants a nip of the good stuff.  Now, imagine that 2 year old going behind the front office counter and straight over to the water cooler which has both hot and cold levers.  He's never seen one, how on earth does he know how to use it? 

He does.

After being escorted out of that area, he runs to the back where the offices are.  Mommy chasing behind asking him...pleading him to "stop, come back, don't go in there."  In each office he finds a toy, which, he is told, he can take back into the waiting room.

He's so friendly and flirtatious about it, no one seems to mind.  Instead of a firmer reaction, he is greeted with smiles, and remarks about how cute and friendly he is.

Not what I want to hear as I'm trying to herd him back to our stuff.

This goes on for an interminable half an hour.  When we are finally seen, he practically tears this poor woman's office apart, from the plastic inserts in the desk where cables would go through, to the entire box of tissues, and posters, books, and files...sigh.  I'm focusing on him so much I barely hear what the woman had to say.

In the end, she asks me to fill out a survey, which I do.

They get good marks on all except the "waiting a long time" to which the person  I gave the form said:

"You realize your appointment wasn't until tomorrow, right? Today is our busy day but we squeezed you in because it looked like you had a hard time getting here."

Ah, Nice.  I'm the fool who needs a watch that only tells me what day of the week it is.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 Years, 3 Days - Computer part 2, hitting mom

Tonight the computer lost a few more keys to the tiny fingers of my two year old.
It feels like I'm typing half on keys and half on spikes.

However, my day isn't all that rough.  I do get to watch "Barney", "All About Airplanes", and "How They Build It - Buses", ad nauseum.   HA! And I said I would never put the TV on while he was awake... who was I kidding?

Seriously though, D. hit me today - pretty hard.  He hit me on the head while I was putting him in time out for taking the can of Diet Rite (which I left within his reach somehow) and pouring it out all over the sofa.  I sat him on his time out stool and tried multiple ways to get him to look at me so we could talk about the 'spilling thing' when he swatted.  So now, I'm getting angry and don't want to lose my cool or control of either myself of the situation so, after he whacked me again, I started to pretend cry.

"WAAAaaa, Ouchie, you gave mommy a boo-boo on my head. Waaaaaa Mommy gets hurt when you hit like that." etc.

Seeing me, and hearing me do this upsets the boy into tears.  He called for Daddy, of course.  B. comes over and tried to make D apologize for hitting mommy - no luck.  At least I got a hug out of the deal, and he didn't hit me again - redirected.

That makes me sing:                       (to the Peaches & Herb tune "Reunited")
Redirected and it feels so good
Redirected 'cause he understood
There's no reason to hit
And, baby, Mommy's the shit
We both are so excited
'Cause you're redirected, hey, hey

It's late, the kids are both asleep, and as much as I could eat an entire cake washed down with a fifth of Malibu...I'm hittin' the sack.

2 Years, 2 Days - The Elbow Macaroni

Daniel has an occupational therapist who works with him once a month.  This month, they work on scooping and pouring.  To help D. figure out the process the OT brought over a bucket filled with elbow macaroni - seems pretty thoughtful.  Scoop and pour...scoop and pour...scoop and pour.

Just before bed time, D. has his finger so far up his nose - up to his 1st knuckle.  Digging...digging...snorting...and digging some more.

"Bubba" I say, "Digging for gold?" I say, making a joke of it.


"Do you need to blow your nose?" I ask, and bring a tissue for the purpose.  He blows...nothing. Blows again..nothing.

"Did you stick something up your nose?" I ask.  Thinking he would never give me an answer I was looking for.

"Pasta" he said, clear as day. As if it were not big deal, everyone sticks pasta up their nose...right?

It seems the OT had left a few rogue dried elbow macaroni on the floor, and just before bed time, he found one and stuck it up his nose. Then, making it worse, pushed it so far back with that tiny finger of his.  YAY.  So now, sleeping, I did ( of course) an internet search.  All pointing to "Call the Dr."  So I did.

She tells me we have to take him to the ER just in case.  He could choke on it at night, it could fester and become infected or any number of other things.  It cant wait until the morning.

 We wake him up, take him, and sure enough they see it, but cant get to it.  Mind you, he is near hysterics, over tired, angry, scared, and uncomfortable.  Long story short they wind up having to thread a catheter up passed the obstruction, inflate it with a cc of saline, and pull the bubble back through with whatever is in his nose.  Which, as he clearly told me, was pasta.  Elbow Macaroni to be precise.

This reminds me of Lyrics from the Fantasticks: 

"Why did the kids put beans in their ears?
No one can hear with beans in their ears.
After a while the reason appears.
They did it cause we said no."

2 Years, 1 Day - The Computer

This is my son on his second birthday.  He is about to blow out the candles on the fantastic bulldozer cake his daddy made.  (it was fabulous)

We think he is coming up with the best ways to torture his parents in the coming years, but he sure is cute while doing so.

This is the computer I came back to after changing my daughters diaper.  Oh, I have a 4 month old daughter as well.  Yeah, this is going to be a fun year.