Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hello 2013, Goodbye 2012.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that 2012 lasted 5 times as long as it should have...maybe longer.  Days with little ones creep by.  The seconds tick away like an old Hitchcock thriller.  The minutes pass like watching a skydiver deploy his shoot and float to the ground, but the wind just picked up and there just happens to be a jagged outcropping of rocks nearby.  The hours..well...like hours.

But the year - man, the year flew by!  I have two toddlers. One is now having conversations and telling jokes, and the other is climbing and jumping, and learning new words, everyday.

All this, and if I learned anything, it was that I have a lot to learn.  I would sell everything I own for a small dose of additional patience.  I should really work on that this year.

Speaking of working on things in the coming year, guess who's going to be 40 this year? Oh yeah, this old fart mom.  With that number looming, I've decided to make a couple of resolutions this year.  I don't normally do this and just let the new year come and go, and usually by April or May I remember to write the correct date on my checks.  Since I worked on the building (one times square) that the ball drops every year, seeing it on TV seems a bit anti-climactic.  However, if it's on, and I'm awake, I suppose I'll leave it on.

This year, we brought in the new year in a TV free environment surrounded by good friends, and lots of food - I even made it to midnight playing "Cards Against Humanity." Fun times.

Wait, I lost my train of though...resolutions.  The whole reason for this post is to put out in the internet world my New Years Resolution for 2013.

This year, 2013, the year in which I will turn 40, I resolve to make the outside of me look the best it can, and make the inside of me match the sentiment. 

My birthday isn't until September.  I have a full 8.5 months in which to accomplish it, and make the habits it will create good ones to last a lifetime. 

Now, I don't want to scare you with any pictures of this, but I promise to post some in September.  The regular posts throughout this year should reflect the inner portion of this resolution.

I'm sending good thoughts for a healthy, safe, new year for all of you.

Happy New Year!

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