Friday, May 4, 2012


  To brighten my afternoon, and take advantage of one sleeping kid, I'm going to post some pictures of lunch time.  Or, as I like to call it, "Feeding time at the zoo"
You'll notice that little Amelia doesn't have a shirt on...this is a good thing.


"Hey mom, I love this carrot apple sauce so much, I want to try and feed myself, please!"

"How am I doing so far?  Good, right? Dip...dip...dip..."

"I'm not done yet! Why did you take that cup away??"

"No way, mom, I'm done with that pureed stuff.  I want pasta!!"

"That's what I'm talking about, thanks!!"
"Um, mom? Amelia is making a big mess."
"Yes, baby, I know..."

And now...the damn car...

Between the two of us we have one car. One 2002 Ford Focus Wagon with over 105,000 miles.  It has been good to us over the years, and, the best part, we don't have a car payment.

The last few months, the poor car has needed a lot of work.  The latest investment included an entirely new coolant system, radiator and all.  Today I got a call from Brian ( who was on his way to NYC to see rehearsals for a play he has written) saying that he was pulled over on the side of I-95 with an overheated engine. YAY!


After letting the engine cool and putting more coolant into it, he's limping his way back so we can bring it back to the place we got it fixed in the first place.  Sadly, he has to miss the rehearsal.


The car cooled, the coolant was added, then when he went to start the didn't turn over.  Currently he is in the cab of the tow truck, and, oddly, I am an strange lower abdominal pain.

This irritates me.  It's ok that it does.

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