Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Lake House

AJ graduated from LAW SCHOOL and we can't be prouder!

Her folks threw her a party at their lake house in New Hampshire.  Of course we had to go!

One unbreakable rule at the lake house is that all kids under 5 must wear life jackets.  We had built in floaties for both kids.  This by the way, is the view from their "side" of the lake.  It's beautiful.

Amelia loved it, too!

(Daddy the lifeguard)

We wish we could have stayed longer.

During the party, we heard it before all the kids went scrambling for money.  He knew what it was even though he had, up to that point only seen one on Youtube...Daniel saw his first ice cream truck!
But didn't like the Dora Icecream he got...
So they were both given Hoodsie cups!!!!


 When the weekend was over, we were wrinkled from the lake, happy to have spent time with AJ and her family, and eager to come back and visit again.

Oh how fast the summer ended.

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