Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Year of Adventures

In September, I turned the big 4-0.  Now, as a stand alone birthday, it's just a number, and I neither feel nor look my age. (at least I don't think so.)  Likely, having a two, and an almost four year old has a lot to do with it.

To help ease me into my forties, my husband did what no husband in history has ever done before; he planned what would soon prove to be a series of presents no amount of hugs, kisses or other special favors could ever pay back, equal, or be bested by.

On my actual birthday, Brian got really quiet, started talking in his calm and even tone, and began introducing his presents.  He said that what was in the following  boxes was something I would have to learn to use for future use.

Intriguing, right??

I opened the heavy boxes and found a few amazing and surprising presents; throwing knives, two sets.  The first, a true, full use, high end set of two "Down Under" throwing knives.  The second,  another fabulous set of Hubbard trainers.   The last larger box was target.  A portable archery target so I would bring my bow outside of brush off the dust.

That was just the beginning.

The real present, he said, is something quite unlike anything I've ever heard about before.  He has planned an entire Year of Adventures.

Every month for this entire year, he will surprise me with a new and exciting adventure.  Amazing, right?
Not only that, he has invited anyone who is interested to join me/us in these activities.  Some will join us, some are contributing to the "adventure fund" and some are just along for the vicarious ride.

If any of these sound interesting or you would like more information, please email Brian  -  please use "Year of Adventure" in the subject line.

I'm keeping everyone else up to date here, on my blog, after each adventure.

What amazes me most, is that he had been taking extra work to help set up a fund for these adventures.  I love this man so.

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