Sunday, July 21, 2013

Did you know?

 Some things you just have to find out the hard way.
The following is a list of things you should already know:

1.  Always check your salad dressing bottle spout before you pour.  Since there are so many squirt bottles out there, you can forget that not all bottles have that protective barrier.

2.  Always double check that the cheap plastic lid from fast food joints has been put on securely before you take your first sip.

3.  Always smell the milk before you pour a glass.  However, if you are not in your own home, don't stick your nose other peoples milk - that's...gross.  Better to pour a glass then smell it.

4.  Tie your shoes before you get on as escalator.

5.  When zipping a zipper, run your other hands thumb on the inside to help prevent clothing/skin from being caught.

6. Acetone dissolves Crazy Glue.

7.  Crazy Glue shut that tiny paper cut that keeps opening up.  The sting of the glue will be worth it.

8.  Edited for moral and character growth.

9.  If you are changing the diaper of baby boy, make sure they are covered at all times.  I repeat, at all times.   (the following image is of a real product...)

10.  Check that you have enough toilet paper BEFORE you sit down.

Then, while you're sitting there, you can do this:

Look for more of these here:
Anastassia Elias.

What have you learned the hard way?


  1. Before picking up a suitcase, ensure that it is zipped.

    Salt and sugar look similar, double check before pouring.

    Ensure lids are in place before shaking contents.

    It is never wise to wait for the next rest stop if you need this one even remotely.

    Always look at your keys, in your hand, before locking the car.

  2. haha yes, those are good ones, too!