Saturday, March 3, 2012

2Y94D: Active Children

I take a deep breathe in.  My tongue plays with my cheek a bit and I lightly bite my lip.

I breathe out.

I breathe in again through my nose and hold it just a second, and breathe out slowly through my mouth.



Does this child ever run out of energy?

Will he ever stop climbing on furniture?

Wasn't it just a month or so ago when he figured out how to jump off his little 8" stool?  I think so.  He gradually worked up to his bed.  "Big Jump!!" He says with glee.

Once he mastered his bed, he started jumping off the couch, a little higher.  "Big Big Jump!" He says.  He jump slides off the couch and lands on the hollow floor with a loud THUMP!

I mentioned this before.

And now, he started to jump off the arm of the couch.  This I cannot abide.  It's just too high, it's too high for me to jump off without hurting my aging knees.  Yet he jumps anyway.

Then sits in time out

And jumps again, looking at me like " HA! I did it, go ahead put me in time out!"

It scares me.  Like most toddlers (I think) he has no fear.  He is Superman, able to leap tall buildings and all that... His energy is endless.  Unless he is sick, he is never stops moving.   I just can't keep up, my superwoman days ended in my teens, 20 years ago.

Before the winter, and before Amelia was born, I said I would go to the park everyday, no matter what.  That hasn't happened.  Now, with a membership at the YMCA, we can go everyday as well, but he cries non-stop and I have to pick him up after 20 minutes.  We haven't started in the pool yet, but perhaps that will tire him out.  I'll let you know.

For now... Today's MESS OF THE DAY is brought to you by Tupperware, and Ikea:

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