Saturday, March 3, 2012

2Y94D: Are you Wet?

When the little ones learn to talk, they start by repeating what they hear.
"da-da", "ma-ma" etc.  It grows from there in leaps and bounds from single words, to a couple of words strung together, to phrases and on and on.

My son loves to play in water.  He asks to drink water, pour water, spill water, and, sadly, spit water (in a backwash kind of way) back into his cups/containers.

Often, we find ourselves asking him "are you wet?" when clearly he is soaked.

Today is a typical day:

"Water, please" he asks.  We're working on the "May I please have some water?"  Sometimes it works.

I pour an ounce or so into an open cup.  This in itself is asking for trouble, but he needs to learn and practice drinking from an open cup.  He takes a sip, then two, and then pours the rest into the bed of his dump truck.  "More water, please" he asks.  And, after asking him not to spill it, he gets another ounce or so, takes a sip, then two, and pours the rest into his dump truck.

Now with a splashable amount in the bed of the truck, he takes it for a spin around the living room, leaving a small dark water trail on the brown carpet in its wake.  From there he dumps the somewhat dirty, backwashed water into a green jack-o-lantern bucket.  It doesn't end there.

He then picks up the bucket, and without thinking twice tries to drink it as if it were a HUGE cup ( which of course it is not).  As expected, he gets a bit, and the rest pours all over him.

We ask him; "Are you wet?"  He repeats "Are you wet?" which means Yes, mommy, I need a dry shirt please.

Now, with that back story, it makes the following that much funnier:

I open a bottle of water, which I usually don't do at home, and take a sip.  The bottle is one of the new eco-friendlier ( not that any plastic bottle is eco-friendly) thinner bottles.  Daniel runs right up to me as I go to take a second sip. He reaches up and grabs the bottle before I fend him off and squeezes.

He squeezes the thin plastic of the very full bottle of water.  He squeezes the bottle and there is no place for the water in the bottle to go but up and out.

Up and out all over me.  In my face, up my nose, on my shirt and all over my pants.

The first thing Daniel says when he looks at me is " Are you wet?"

With a mouthful of water, the hilarity of the moment outweighs the upset I feel and it took everything in my power not to spit that water out all over him.  I had to run over to the sink to spit it out I was laughing so hard.


Funniest thing to happen in long time.

When I sit back down, Daniel walks back up to me, touches the wet patches on my pants and says "Funny!"

Yes, sweet baby, that was funny.


  1. this has me crying I am laughing so hard!
    I love you guys, can't WAIT to see you!

  2. Anything for a laugh ( at my expense)