Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2Y150D: She's crawling!!!

Nothing is safe.

Keep your eyes on your plates and on your phones, our little Amelia is on the move!

She'll be 9 months old this week, so, as averages go, she on the upper end.  It didn't help that she is over 20 lbs., and wearing 12- 18 month clothes.

Doctors were encouraging, "She is very strong, she just has a heavy trunk and may have a harder time getting it up in the air."  True, true, she is very strong, and must continue to be to survive in a house with her bruiser big brother who literally loves her nearly to death.

Here is a video I had been taking of her as she rocks just moments before...  Her first crawl!

Look what I can do!!

Nice, ey?

Now here's the rub; very much like her brother, she puts everything and anything in her mouth.  I can't vacuum enough, I can't sweep enough.  Honestly, though I thought I was getting more and more toddler proof everyday, I've forgotten that baby proofing and toddler proofing are different.  Much different.

My world has changed and I'm not young enough for this...

As many times as I pushed her to crawl, encouraged a little leg movement, or enticed with a  big hug or kiss, perhaps I should have just been happy with a sitter.

I should go to sleep, tomorrow will be a long day.  2 Years, 150 Days in, a lifetime to go...

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