Friday, April 20, 2012

Sending sick kids out to play

Germs and bugs are everywhere.  I know this.  We keep a relatively clean home, but we are not anal about sanitizing the place unless someone is really sick.

Right now, we have a sick household...again.

I can't seem to get rid of it.  It goes from head cold to chest cold, kid to kid, to adult. 

When we bring the kids back to the Dr., one of the residents always says: "It's pretty typical to get lots of bugs when the kids are in daycare."  To which I reply, "But, as I've told every other resident in this place, they do not go to day care."  "Ah" they say, unamused "must be your husband bringing things back home from school, or picking up something from the grocery store."  This reassures me to no end.

The only other places we go to that have kids are to the park, and to the YMCA.  The bugs, it seems are everywhere.

So, putting on my Sherlock Holmes cap, I deduce...  if my kids keep getting sick by going out to public places, why don't parents with sick kids keep the sick ones home?

Sure, you have to get that Zumba class in, or swim a few laps, I get that.  But if your kid is sick, please, keep them home!  Please.

I keep my kids home when they could possible pass the bugs to other kids purely because I hope that the Karma I gain by doing the right thing ( in that case I don't really get Karma, huh?) will turn back around for me...

...but it doesn't.  The kids are sick again, this time, worse than before.

Parents, please, I know you have things you want to, or feel as though you need to do.  Your work-out can wait, can that meeting wait too?  Seriously, your kid is getting my kid sick!

The bright side of this, I keep telling myself, is that they are really building up their immune systems.  Aren't they?
However, it could be that he keeps getting sick from the crap he insists on putting in his mouth.  No amount of sanitizer can clean that.

Who knows...


  1. I know illness is inevitable, but it sure can be frustrating when a bit of responsible parenting could curb some of the misery. I just try to remember that every time the little ones get sick now means one less absence from school when they get older. Right? Not that I seek germs or attend pox parties, because I myself am also a responsible parent. ;)

  2. True true, the docs say the little ones will get sick 5-7 times a year. Perhaps going outside isn't so bad, but going to enclosed places or places where other kids touch or are currently touching seems irresponsible.