Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation from this vacation

Things I've learned on our family vacation to Florida:

1- Always check carry-on bags before you get to the airport.

2- Remember to pack only what you need.

3 - Don't pack "nice clothes." They only take up space and since I didn't pack a nanny, I didnt need them.

4- I will hire a nanny for any extended stay vacation we go on n the next 5 years.

5 -Always have some cash on hand

6 - Pack more diapers than you need in your carry on.  You can purchase a pack of 2 in the airport for $2.50.  Likely not the size you need.

7 - Pink eye can be picked up in a pool.

8 - You can get an ear infection if you dont get all the water out of your ears...from the pool.

9- If the meat is grey, but still smells fine - DONT EAT IT.

10 - Don't let your child play with your phone if their favorite game requires streaming...and you don't have unlimited megabites.

11 - Always keep the memory card in your camera. Especially if you are going to take your son ( who is obsessed with helecopters) on his first helecopter ride.

12 - You can buy anything you can buy at Disney, for half the price at walgreens.

13- Toys at the dollar store are a dollar for a reason, and too expensive for what they are.

14- don't turn the bubblejets on in the spa tub while your kids are in it.

15-  White Sidwalk chalk comes off of floors, walls, carpets, chairs, sofas, and clothing - but pink doesn't.

16- On a positive note, puddle jumpers are worth every cent. Every damn cent.

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