Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It's been a while since I posted a "mess of the day" series.  Certainly not because there haven't been any messes, just that I must have grown accustomed to them.  *sigh.

Today, I introduce a new mess to you, since it is a new mess to me:

Do you know what this is?

 Yes, you do... I did, too.  Now what was THAT doing all on it's own in the living room?  Right.  Causing trouble.  THAT was the first clue which led to an ice cream truck which I thought had milk in it...
 ...and a carpet which, was also NOT milk...
...and a lego, which had a new color scheme.

 Oh yes, we all know where it came from.  Our friend, Elmer's glue.
 Notice it is not the school version.  Notice also the "Now Stronger Formula."  It's a good think I caught it all just after it happened so a little water clean-up (little is relative) and some toys in the dishwasher is all it took. 

But, there is a bigger issue here which may not be so apparent.  How?  How does a 3 year old get his hands on a tube of Elmer's glue at 7am?  That Elmer's glue that was in the craft closet with a child latch on it?

Wait...a child latch.  Yes, that must be the reason...
Ah-HA! the latch was left open.  So... whose fault is it?  Certainly he didn't open it, it's over 5 feet high...

...or did he?

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