Friday, November 30, 2012

When arts & crafts get out of hand

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to do fun artsy projects with your kids.  It is encouraged.  If you need ideas, There is a lifetimes worth of options on pinterest.

Someone out there is the Mary Poppins of all arts & crafts projects.

I am not that mom.

This afternoon I attempted to do a simple ( I thought it was supposed to be simple) arts & crafts project with their hand and foot prints.  We had some extra time together since Amelia was home sick, and the woman watching Daniel got sick as well, so he was sent home early.

I pulled out some ink pads and paper...

...then I got the towel.

Be sure when you attempt anything like this you wrap the entire floor and walls and ceiling and furniture in plastic wrap.  Wrap the kids.  Wrap yourself.  Wrap the cats! Wrap the fish!  Ok, so don't wrap the fish, but everything else is fair game.

This activity went down hill. Fast.  Faster than smart phones were grabbed off the shelves at Wal-mart on Black Friday, fast.  I'm talking fast.  Like running from a zombie in brand new sneakers when the wind is behind you and the doors to the air lock ahead of you are closing, fast.

It went downhill that fast.

Yes those are handprints on his chest and his face.

"Uh-oh" she says, with the most innocent of precious faces.  Snot running down her face mixed with green ink from her hands.  Peek-a-boo got creepy for minute there.

There were hands and feet everywhere!  As soon as I tried to wipe one off the other was being coated by a fast fingered ink thief.  I had no time to do out project even as I was trying to keep up with the inked limbs. 

Such poor planning on my part, I really should have known better.

The only thing I could do was abscond with all the ink and paper and whisk the kids up to bath time.  Wait, what? the baby gate lock broke?  Oh yes, so I would be climbing over the gate that forces me on tiptoes and still just grazes the pubic bone.  Tomorrow we remove it.   Today, I ignore hand prints on the carpet the walls and fridge...

Bath time... this was fun:

Like I said, I didnt have time to get the real camera and my phone camera isnt very good.

Fun times.  

And look at that face, he knows...he knows....

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  1. LOL, sounds like our life! I applaud you for even attempting it!