Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What can you buy with 2 Billion Dollars?

In this years Presidential Race, the two major parties together raised almost 2 Billion Dollars.

That number does not reflect individual Senate or House races.

Would you like to know what you can buy for $2,000,000,000?

Here are a few things:

62,6959,247 - gallons of milk

8,000,000,000 - Packs of Juicy Fruit Gum

163,331 - Chevrolet Volt's (Electric cars)

You could give EVER SINGLE PERSON IN THE USA $6.36

5,012,531 - ipad2's

285,714,285 -  6-packs of Yuengling (delicious beer)

71,428,571 -  Weeks worth of baby formula

10,050,251 - 2,000 Watt gas powered Generators  (8.5 million homes lost power in Hurricane Sandy - 1.4 million are still without power with a Nor'easter on its way)

 22,471,910 - Nights in a moderately priced hotel for a displaced family.
51,282,051 - Nights in a cheap hotel for a displaced family.

Now....  what if we add all campaigns? 

Some more perspective: 

$6 Billion on this year's election campaigns nationwide, but Americans spend $6 billion a year on movie rentals and $8 billion a year on Halloween costumes and candy...

Could that money have been better spent curing a disease, like Brian Williams suggested?    OR maybe something a little more helpful...

I'm a believe in true campaign reform:
Each candidate gets X number of National TV ads
X number of radio spots
X number of Print Ads
X dollars on misc. campaigning.
Some say it is an infringement of freedom of speech  - I disagree.

What do you think?  



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