Monday, November 19, 2012

His First Girl Friend

I suppose it had to happen eventually.

He's cute, rebellious, and a troublemaker.

He torments his sister, takes toys from his friends, and still wears a diaper.

That must be attractive to older women.  He just turned three.  She's four.  Now one year, when you're in your twenties, is not a big deal. One year in your thirties, is a drop in the bucket (just with more wrinkles).  But the difference between three and four is remarkable.  Let's not forget that girls mature faster. So, relatively, she could be 10 years older than he is.

Regardless, he's smitten.  "So-n-so is my best friend...  she holds me hand." His teacher said that she leads his around telling him to kiss her on the cheek (which he does) and runs up to her when she arrives for the day.

She won't admit there is anything going on, yet teases him with her clowder of fuzzy "babies" (a handful of stuffed animal cats.)

When we go home for the day, Daniel wants to go to her house... I bet her mom would love that!

I suppose the best I can do is teach him to respect her, make sure that he knows that "No means No," if she doesn't want to play with him, he must accept it.  Are they ever too young to teach this?  I think not.  It's one of many relationship lessons he'll learn as he gets older.

Oh help me, when he asks to borrow the car to take someone on a date...  (deep breathe) one day at a day at a day at a time.

Please excuse me as I go change his poopy diaper...and read him a nite-nite book.  My sweet baby boy with a girlfriend.

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