Sunday, November 18, 2012

THREE years in, a lifetime to go

Where did the years go?  Wasn't it just a few years ago I was going out on dates with this cute guy I then married?  I know it couldn't have been that long...

But my son is three years old now.  THREE!  Sure sure, I have friends my age whose kids are already in high school or older... But I waited for the right man at the right time. 

Anyway, not only do I have a three year old, but I have a 16month old, too.  HA!  I have a mini-van!  I have a big ass!!  Wait...  too much info?

This weekend we saw friends and family we hadn't seen in a very long time as we celebrated Daniel's 3rd birthday.  Amazing.

Here are a few photos from the great day:

 The birthday boy!
 Amelia and her friend playing with balloons
 No mom....I didn't find the plate of chocolates...really!
AJ brought a present for Amelia, too.

Have I mentioned I love the look of sepia tone in photos??

I really should have taken photos of the ice cream decorations - I dont think anyone else thought of it either, really, it would have make an excellent pinterest addition.  Oh well.

 My precious Amelia...  anyone want to be her agent??

Now, Brian has been making the kids cakes every year - he looks forward to it and plans for it.  This year, to go with the icecream truck theme, B ice cream truck cake!
 This was Daniel's expression when he saw the cake and heard everyone singing "happy birthday" - such a softee.

 (please excuse my boobs - why is it that no one tells you your boobs are hanging out until you see it in a picture?)

We ran out of time to bake, soo..... we bought un-iced quater sheet cakes from stop and shop and built the cake here.  Pretty clever, right? Did you know you could do that?  Replete with candy, ice cream pictures and candles, the only thing this cake didn't do is sing.

All in all is was a very successful time.

We have very generous friends and family, and love them all.

OH, did you notice? I had to change the name of the blog!  We're THREE years in now!!!


  1. So wish we could have been with you to celebrate Daniel's 3rd birthday. That cake takes the cake award of the year! It is fabulous.

  2. Brian loves making the cakes for the kids!! Each year they get more elaborate.