Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2Y21D: A love-hate relationship.

It was a long day, but aren't they all?

OK, perhaps if I were on a warm sanded beach with foo-froo drinks in bottomless coconut shells always at my side, the day may have gone quicker.

Let's start at the beginning; as I hear tell, it's a very good place to start...

Because they were up so late last night, the boys slept in (yes those are snowman sheets (thanks mom)):

Once up for the day, Mr. IrefuseToEatAnythingThatIsntACarb refused to eat anything and everything I offered for breakfast, I surrendered and gave him more milk. (his favorite food/beverage)

Just a few minutes later he helped himself to a bagel. (surprise, surprise) Now it's not like the bagels were readily available, they were in a tied bag on the table. Nonchalantly he waltzed into the living room with his own breakfast and helped himself to my new, awesome Kindle Fire (thanks mom) Notice a trend here?

When he was done with his bagel, he left it for the elves to clean up:

And now, with a full belly, the children played. OK, so after pulling D off Amelia several times he finally decided to show her his airplanes, it was very sweet while it lasted...

I love to take pictures of my children, as you must have noticed. Since A is so young, the moments they are together are few.

The excersaucer is becoming more of a problem than I thought. D really wants to play in it at the same time A. is in it. Today, I thought they were doing well together.

I took a few pictures.

Things went downhill fast.

I didn't stage this last photo, it all happened so fast.

Perhaps it needs a BAM or BOOM or SLAP in a big Batman bubble star.


OK, A. was only stunned, not hurt...

...this time.

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