Thursday, December 1, 2011

2Y17D: Tree lighting ceremony

Tonight was the annual tree lighting ceremony on the Green, the rather large park/green space in the city.

There was a petting zoo with goats, llamas, a camel and a pony.

There were bunnies.

There was an occupy tent city.

There was a dancing frosty the snowman.

And there were hundreds and hundreds of people.

No pictures? You say.

How pretty was the tree? You ask.

To these questions, I say, no...and I dont know.

But why?

Ah yes, first of all big D. Didn't take a nap today. By the time we got out he was already cranky.

By 5 he was in tears.

By 5:30 he was asleep.

Did I mention that it was cold? Or that i was wrangling both kids alone?

So now, at 9pm I should go to sleep knowing he'll be up at 2am for a few hours.

We'll go see the tree this weekend when there will be four of us.

Or not.

I think I'll have some halloween candy

And a drink.

Or two

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