Monday, December 26, 2011

2Y40D: Don't Hug a Cactus at Christmas

Daniel...No, STOP Daniel... DANIEEELLLLLLLL!!!!!


This is what you too would have heard if you were at our cousins house for Christmas Day. 

The food was great.
Seeing family was wonderful.
Getting and giving presents was a plus...

Hugging the cactus was not in the cards.

How were we to know, or even notice?  Parents of little ones know how difficult it is to go to a home that is not childproof. 

It's not the persons fault, it's our own fault for not surveying the area and looking out for potential disasters; stairs, basement doors, chemicals, low lying glass trinkets, and, now added to that list - Cacti.

Did you know to look out for them?

He went face first.

The prickers were quickly taken out, and thankfully he didn't get any in his eyes.  Just a few scratches.

The green lines point to cactus scratches:

But the moral of this tale; Don't hug a cactus boys and girls.

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