Friday, December 9, 2011

2Y25D: STUCK!! ( in a book)

It's passed his bedtime.

By almost 3 hours.

He sits on his daddy's lap, reading one of his favorite truck books.

Daddy is frustrated. Mommy is frustrated.

He pulls the board book right up to his face so his nose is right in the crack...

...and starts to cry.

He cries louder.

Mommy: "Daniel Bubba, are you stuck?"

Daddy: "You think he's stuck?"

Mommy: "Yes, HE thinks he's stuck"

Daniel: continues to cry...

Daddy: Gently pulls the book back off his face. "Were you stuck? All better! I found you!"

Daniel: Stops crying.

Truly, we are all tired. But Damn, that was adorable and funny at the same time.

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