Saturday, December 17, 2011

2Y31D: OOPS!!



Today was a messy day.

It was a good day, but a messy day.

We made home made play-dough, which is really quite easy:

1/2 Cup Salt
1/2 Cup Water
1 Cup Flour
opt. Food coloring.

Now, I put the optional food coloring for a reason... it's messy. Let me show you:

OOPS!  In the future, I suggest putting all the ingredients in a zip-lock and knead away. Tell me how it goes, if I don't get to it first.

We did have a great time, and the first discovery of playdough was fabulous and fun:

I mentioned the great table we got, right? We ordered it through a furniture site, and came a tad bit marred. When I called the company and showed them the pictures of the nicks they said "This is unacceptable" and promptly mailed us a new table.

They said "we don't care what you do with the old table, we're sending you a new on."

Nice. Now THAT is customer service. Lipper International: Highly recommended.

Oh, right, the reason I was telling you about the table was because it has become the arts & crafts table. We color there and, as of today, play with play-dough.

Things get a little out of hand here with crayons.

Not sure why.

But after5-10 minutes of some scribbling, some eating, it turns into some throwing and some running off and burying in/around/behind/next to his bed.

Usually I manage to collect all vestiges of ye olde crayolas (which are nothing like their predecessors.)

I must have missed one or two this time.

TADAAAH!! Wall Art.


Luckily, we learned that a little baking soda on a scouring sponge mixed with a little elbow grease gets it right off.

Somehow, both kids were asleep my 8pm tonight.

We celebrated with a large glass of wine and some cookie baking.

By the way, good friends are few a far between. Treasure the ones you have.

It truly takes a village.

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