Friday, February 3, 2012

2Y72D: Days to remember

When you look back at your life, what days do you remember?  Graduation? A first love? A bad break-up?  Marriage?  Having kids?

Do you remember going to the first day of school, or learning how to walk?  Perhaps even farther back, crawling, learning to roll over?  wearing diapers?

Odds are, you don't.

And so, we, as parents have to remember these days for our children so we'll have something we can hold over their heads when they themselves are in committed relationships...

...or when they ask to borrow the car...

...or for money.

Today is a day I'd like to remember.

Amelia rolled over from her back to her front:

I really did have my camera on me for it.

It happened because she was trying to reach Big D who was holding her blanket (which she just recently received from a wonderful woman, thanks KB!!)  Not only was he holding that blanket, he was about to attack her with it...

but she survived.

Later in the day, A. was in her excersaucer minding her own business, when Big D. insisted on being on it with her.  Now obviously that can't happen.  I pull him away. 

He hits her, so I put him in time-out.

When he gets out a couple of minutes later, he has to apologize to his sister and give her kisses.

He then starts to give her his favorite toys...ALL OF THEM:

...and she seems less than pleased at that point.

But all is not lost.  At dinner time, Big D. was out of control - no nap time.  He was over stimulated, hungry and tired.  Not a good combination.

When things are not going your way, and you find yourself arguing or about to argue with or at your toddler, redirect them.  Redirection is a wonderful tool.

I asked if he would help feed his sister.

"Feed Amelia!!!!"

He loved it.

It was messy:

And finally, we had a visitor, AJ came come to town!  She hasn't been here in a while, and won't be back for some time (ah school - gotta do it) but being that tomorrow is the Superbowl...she made an exception.  A. loves her AJ, and I think AJ loves to be slimed by A.

Minus the frustrations and the messes, it was good day.  A day I want to remember, always.

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