Monday, February 13, 2012

2Y76D: Quiet Time Update and blueberry muffins

It's been about a month since I started instilling a "quiet time" policy.

Quiet Time is from about noon to roughly 2pm.  He doesn't have to sleep during this time, but he has to stay in his room with the baby gate up.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Lately, it's been working out that we put him in his room with a sippy cup of warm milk, and within 20 minutes or so, he is asleep! Score another for mom.

During that 20 minutes, however, it isn't quiet.  Far from it.  I have already removed the big bucket of blocks, and most of the toy buckets, since all he does is pull them off the shelf and dump them out.

He does that every day (note the thrilled look on my face.)

Sometimes he just falls asleep in the middle of what he is doing:

Part of our everyday cleanup requires some element of his bed to be reattached - sheets, blankets, etc, puzzle pieces collected, clothes to be put away, stuffies to be gathered and more.  Some days I want to take a shovel to his room.

Rarely, both kids go down at the same time.  Today is one of those special days.  Not only are both kids asleep, but my husband got part of the day off, and he is asleep on the couch.  It's just me and the hot blueberry muffins that just came out of the oven:

Look who's awake!  Time to get back to work...

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