Friday, February 10, 2012

2Y70-75D: More Messes, love

It's been a week.  Good things happen, odd things happen...

...dirty things happen.

I haven't done my diurnal chronicling due to lack of arms. 

OK, I've been tired, and the kids have

Let's start with the most recent first.  Yesterday, I brought out the beans.  I brought out the beans firstly to get them prepared to become chilli, secondly for a lesson in sorting, scooping and pouring, and counting. We had a great time!

I'd been a bit concerned about bringing out small hard objects since the great Macaroni incident of 2011.  Honestly I'm a little scarred from the ordeal.  The last thing I want is...well, you know.

As he does, he got very excited about what he was doing.  Perhaps "over stimulated" might be a good way to describe it.

When it was time to clean up the beans and get ready to rinse them and soak them, he refused.

He refused to let go of the beans.

He refused to let the beans be taken from him.

He refused to stop playing.

And so, he DOVE INTO THE BEANS,  scattering them throughout the entire living room!!!!  This was fun to clean-up.

Now you think our time with the beans has ended.  Oh no, it had just begun.  See that glass bowl on the floor in the picture?  We put all the beans in that bowl, which then was put in the center of the dining room table.

Guess who can reach the center of the dining room table now????
Dried beans and glass on a tile floor not only bounce, but, like water, manage to get in every crevice, crack, and under ever item and piece of furniture in there. 

Yeppers, you got it, that was fun.

It wasn't all a mess filled day, our little Danger can sit up on her own now.  We still keep a pillow around her though, she's pretty top heavy

Some of her peers have already started crawling, but we're not too worried, she'll get there.  Plus she has a good 3-4 lbs on most of them anyway.

Not only can she sit up, she can protect herself from the squishing love from her brother.  He loves he sooo much. He feels the need to give her "big big hugs."  To ward off these onslaughts, she has figured out how to pull big D's hair.  Fun for her, not so much for Daniel.
 Lets get back to the messy stuff, shall we?

Can you guess what's on the floor now?  What is that boy smearing all over?

If you said crushed BASIL, I'd be impressed!
It amazes me everyday how far onto the counters he can reach.  I'll learn one day.

Odds are, not today.

In other news:

I thought I'd write a post about what's happening in CA and how Prop 8 was overturned, I still might.  I am true, firm believer in love.  Love whom you love.  Don't worry about what is happening behind the doors of anyone's  home but your own.  Love thy neighbor, ey!

Also, buy from JCP.

That is all.

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