Saturday, February 25, 2012

The day before the Snow

If you're new here, you've not taken the trip with me down the Road of Lost Keys.

There is a new installment on that road as well. To be posted soon.

For now I enter a new realm of wireless interfacing... The Phone Zone. Yes, from my /new to me/ fancy smartphone aka iPhone 3GS I can post in this, my fancy blog... My own Blog Zone.

Though editing capabilities are limited ( to only my limited knowledge) I'll take a peek tomorrow. Any feedback is helpful.

So, today was another unseasonably warm winter day. I'm calling it "2012, the Winter that wasn't"

After another tear filled 20 minutes at the YMCA (will these children ever smile without me in the room????) I decided it was too nice to stay inside. I surprised Daniel and took him to the local regional airport. Only a couple of flights took off and even fewer landed. Still we had a blast... Off!

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