Sunday, February 19, 2012

2Y77-81D: A Nose, Toes, and Spaghetti O's.

OK, it's not just one nose, it's all the noses.  Why won't they stop running?

If this were Athens, we'd all be superstar know, if noses could run.

Oh wait...they do.

A lot.

Why aren't there good cold drugs for little ones?  It's just so pathetic trying to keep their noses clear, and the worry I feel listening to Amelia breathe is unsettling.

I suppose when you don't feel well, you just want to be held...

In other news, Big D. has learned how to jump off the couch.

He jumps off the couch and lands on the floor which is made out of crappy plywood.  I can hear the guy who lives below me, and certainly he can hear the THUD this is D's feet hitting the floor.

"Again," he says. "Good job!" he yells. "Big Big Jump, YAY!" 

Yes, he's so proud of himself.

He also falls down onto his knees from a standing position.  Yesterday he did it right in front of me.

Right in front of me and onto my toe.

It's a lovely purple color, like a little grape toe.

But not as tasty as a grape.

Wow, I really want some grapes right now.

I've mentioned before, my son is a terrible eater.  When he isn't sick, he eats what all kids prefer to eat;
pizza, chicken nuggets, carrots, and fries.  It gets even worse when he doesn't feel well.

When sick, like he is now, he can't seem to keep anything down.

He lives on pediasure.  We call it "sweet milk" but at least he is getting some calories and vitamins and minerals.

Then we try to let him eat while watching his favorite movie, thinking, just maybe, he'll get distracted and eat...
...wasn't a good idea in retrospect.

Lastly, I was cleaning ( as I do all the time) I found one of each of their shoes; dad's, Daniel's, and A's.  Aren't they cute??

Well, I have some time to sleep before one of the kids wakes up, I should take advantage of it...

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