Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2Y83D: Hitting

Football players do it on the ass.

Baseball players do it with wood.

Musicians long for one.

But in our house, you in time out...

...if you hit.

And Big D. has been in time out multiple times a day.  He hits me.  He hits daddy.  He hits the cat.  He hits the baby.  He hits his friends.  He even hits himself.

I don't know what to do.

To make things even more irritating, he hits, says "no hitting" then goes in for a hug...  I just can't stop the initial action.

Where does he get the idea from?  We don't hit him.  We don't hit each other.  I don't get it!

Thankfully he doesn't bite.

I'd love for this to be a post on "how to stop your kid from hitting," but alas, no, it's the opposite.

We encourage the positive, "kisses for Cotter-Pin" ( our cat) "Amelia love big-big hugs, big hugs are the best!"

It doesn't help.

This has got to stop, and I don't know how to start.

Suggestions on this one are appreciated.

If he grows up to be a ball player, or a musician, it might be appropriate.  For now, at 2, I'm at a loss.

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  1. Repetition. Keep at it. Explain to him that hitting hurts and we don't hit those we love. Unfortunately no matter how good of a parent you are its a phase pretty much every kid goes through. Eva is for the most part past it. We got aggravated and VERY firm. Very abrupt no's and ouchs. Time outs are miserable here for her though. Its in a corner, it is timed. Time starts when she stops crying, and we start it out with a talk about why she is there. We end it when she apologizes. Or we take privileges away. We had to get firm because it was becoming a BIG issue and Sis's baby will be here soon.