Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2Y92D: Loading...Loading...Loading...

My children are 100% apart of the digital era.

At two, he can navigate both my phone and my kindle better than I.  He may not know what he's doing, but he can surely find what he's looking for in the games videos, Netflix, or sadly, Youtube.

A shameless plug for my favorite program for Android devices is Kids Place I can choose which games or apps he is allowed to have access to and he cannot watch or play anything else. Also, it does not allow any in app purchasing.  For my Kindle Fire, it's invaluable (and free!)

I'm guilty here, when times get rough and I have run out of steam, I encourage the watching of videos.  I'd rather him watch the nasty purple dinosaur than tear apart his room again looking for one specific car.  I'd rather him watch those annoying twin babies who talk to each other than climb on the table...again.

I feel badly about it, but I perpetuate the behavior and I'm 60% okay with it.

Odds are against my kids that they will ever use a manual typewriter, a rotary phone, or have to turn a dial to change the channels on the black and white TV.  However, since both my husband and I are closely entwined with the theatre world he just might see or be able to use one of the above if it is needed as a prop in a show.

With all digital media, there is a period where content is "loading."  Each day and into the future, the amount of "loading" time will undoubtedly decrease. For now, the "loading" bar is present in his everyday life.

This brings me to the point of today's post.  Daniel equates "loading" with "waiting patiently."

My husband leaves the house pretty early in the morning most days, and has a sweet verbal exchange with Big D.  Just recently that ritual no longer includes tears, thankfully.

"Bu-bye, see you soon!!" Daddy says to Daniel.
"Bu-bye, see you soon!" Daniel says to Daddy.
"Bu-bye, see you soon!!" Daddy says to Daniel.
"Bu-bye, see you soon!" Daniel says to Daddy.
They exchange kisses and Daddy leaves.

Daniel runs to the living room window, steps up on his stool, looks out the window and knocks on the glass.  They exchange waves. and another round of  "bubye's"

Today, Brian took the trash out back to the bins.  It took a little longer for him to show up in front of the house.

While standing on his stool looking out the window, Daniel was repeating over and over:
"Loading....Loading Daddy....Loading...Daddy"

That is a perfect example of children born in this age, ( with parents who allow it, of course). If you can find a better one, (without giving me a hard time about letting my kids use these devices) I'd love to hear it.

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