Saturday, January 7, 2012

2Y49D: Move Over Bill Cosby!

Move over Bill Cosby,  there's a new dessert in town!!

Remember the days of Jello Pudding pops?  OK, some of you remember the delicious hunks of chocolate pudding frozen on a stick...

If you don',t here's a commercial that might trigger  some memories:
Here's the pudding pop commercial
Commercial for jello pudding

In my attempt to rescue my body from the damage of 2 kids in 2 years plus a few cookies, cakes, and other misc. sweet treats, I've discovered a new sweet treat.

It's a chocolate pudding (you know, they're usually on sale 10 for $10 (for a pack of 4) or 3 for $4) frozen with some delicious berries.

I like to eat the frozen pudding right out of the cup, too, berries aren't the easiest to keep fresh on hand.
Try it with vanilla, too.

Cheap, fat-free, and deeelicious!

Also, I love my kids:

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