Thursday, January 19, 2012

2Y60D: I've Fallen and I can't Get up

I've said before that there are times when I have to laugh... avoid crying.

You know that rule; "When things get rough, they'll usually get rougher?"  Well, this week takes the cake.

The kids have been wonderful, and horrible at the same time (it's possible, trust me)

On a positive note, yesterday, Amelia started saying "Da-Da-Da-Da-Da"  Sure, she said DaDa first, don't they all?"

But the day before yesterday was a bust (the day Daniel did so well with quiet time) Brian herniated a disc at work and spent the entire day in the ER.  They pumped him full of tons of pain killers before they could manage it - poor guy.

With back injuries, you can't do anything, lift anything, hold anything (including your kids) so...I became what I like to think of as close to a single mom as it gets - yay me.

I have a true respect for real single moms, I have no idea how they do it.

Yesterday, while going to change Amelia's diaper, Big D ran up behind me and clipped my leg.  You know, kicked my rear leg over so that when I went to took a step I tripped over my own leg.  I went straight down (A. in my arms) and landed on my elbow and knee ( curled under me so that A was padded - she was fine, just scared at the fall)  My falling tripped Daniel and he went sprawling out next to me face first - both of us onto the ceramic tiles.

Now, I'm stunned, assessing the damage, Amelia is crying, and Daniel is hysterical next me.  She's fine, he would be fine, too, and me? Not so good.  I call for Brian ( remember he is in bed and can't move) because  I think I've broken my arm.  Eventually he comes out, slowly kneels down and cuddles Daniel and carefully takes Amelia from me.

Making sure Brian is OK to watch Daniel (at least make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble) I take Amelia with me to the Urgent Care Center and get x-rayed.  YAY bruised bone only - lucky shot.

So now, what a pair we make:

He can barely walk, can't be in a car for any extended amount of time, can't pick up Big D, and can't drive.  I can't put any weight on my elbow, and my knees are bruised ( cant crawl on the floor with the kids)

Fun times.

AJ came all the way from Long Island to help take care of us.  We are loved.  We are indebted to her - guess we'll just have to keep her around.

 On a side note, while doing my vitals at the Urgent care, the nurse had to check my pulse three separate times - said it was low...very low.  Eventually is leveled out at 63 bpm but it was in the 40's and then 50's for a while.  She suggested I call the Dr...  hmmmmmm  do I have time for this?

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