Friday, January 13, 2012

2Y53D: "I Love You!"

"I love you"

A trio of sweetest proportions do these words make. 

We say it daily to the little ones in our lives who unfailingly shit on us, puke on us, keep us up all night, and, when we can't take anymore, smile at us with their entire pudgy face so genuinely it brightens every fiber of our being.

When they get older and start saying things like "more," "firetruck," "all done," and "NO!", we marvel at how smart they are before removing bit and pieces from their noses, ears, hair, and in the feet of their pajamas.

A few short months pass (that seem like an eternity), and those single words turn into phrases, and, if all goes as planned, they ask for things politely: "cookies, please" and "more chocolate milk, please." Perhaps they even say "thank you" once in a while without prompting.

And then, when you least expect it, instead of crying when you leave the room they say "bye-bye, see you soon!"

...and you cry a little on the inside.

One day, out of the blue, after he's said "bye-bye, see you soon" he finishes his thought..."I love you!"

Today, as my husband left for school, and waved to Big D through the window as he walked by, this is what he missed:

"Bye Bye, see you soon.  See you soon Daddy. I love you!  I love, too! I love you  garbage truck!"

...and proceeded to play with his garbage truck.


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