Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2Y45D: Ribs and Docs

There are few things more tiring than a family trip to the Doctors office.

Since Big D's Epic encounter with the dried pasta (see  Elbow Macaroni ) he's hated all Doctors.  Anyone with a stethoscope makes him cling to mommy like that alien did to peoples faces, but not to my face.

And he's not an alien.

I don't think so , anyway.

Getting the poor kid to just stand on the scale is a huge production.

And why do all the nurses laugh and smile when a diaper clad 2 year old goes running down the hallway saying "running, running, running."

A couple of level headed Docs finally headed him off (seeing the chase)

Poor Amelia, who can't run away, was a good sport.  Although something is wrong with her that might be formula related, they say "it's not abnormal" so I guess she's fine?  Now I just wait another week to see if I was right or they were right.  Hmph.  Sometimes I think I'm not a good mom switching her to formula - but...


*sigh, sorry...but it's true. Selfish maybe, but true.

Did I mention that formula stinks?

Big D never drank a drop of it - he nursed to a wise old age of 18 months ( and that was too long for me, honestly) and Miss A is already almost fully on the nasty stuff.  I'm thinking of giving her a week on a soy formula to see if she starts to feel better... we'll see.

Speaking of dinner - I made ribs tonight.

No, I started the ribs at 8:00 this morning and they slow cooked for  10 hours. Deeelicious! (- pretty awful if you don't eat meat.)

I used:
5lbs Ribs rubbed with salt and pepper
2 sweet onions cut up and put at the bottom of an unheated crockpot
A bottle ( or lots of a large bottle) of your favorite BBQ sauce ( I love Sonny's Sweet BBQ)
Set for 10 hours on low.

That's it!

Enjoy!  ( if you eat meat, that is)

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