Sunday, January 15, 2012

2Y55D: Quiet Time - 2 points for mom, and 1st foods.

If you've followed along this year, you'll no doubt know that bedtime is the worst time of the day at our house.

Until today.

With a 5 month old at home, a husband in school full time, the impending winter, and the ridiculous price of gas, something had to be done.

We're doing what I like to call "quiet time."

Quiet time at our house goes like this, (and is subject to change as I see fit):

At 12:00, the house takes a nap...or rests.  If the TV is on, it turns off.  If the radio is on, it too turns off and stays off until 2pm or until he wakes up (whichever comes first.)

We all go into Daniel's room and put the baby gate up (really so he can't get out) and read a book.  I give him a cup of milk and say. "Quiet time," give him kisses, and walk out of the room.

It took a little while but he eventually fell asleep.  

It was so successful, we tried it again at bedtime.  IT WORKED!!!!!

2 Points for mom!

Also, we attempted to feed Amelia some solids for dinner.

I've never been good at this...ever, but she loved it!

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  1. That it great! Proud of you for finding something that works! Keep at it and keep at it and keep firm!