Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2Y57D: He wants what? On TV?

What do the following have in common:

Blue's Clue's Pad and Bulldozer, Mighty Machine's Digger, Electric Company's Hats, and Star Trek's Spaceship??

Well, if you ignore the fact that the TV is on too much in our home, you'll realize they are all items on the screen.



But as of this week, it's all he wants to play with.  It amazes me.

Until we figured out what it was that he was crying for - yearning for almost, we thought he might be hurt or in pain somehow.  But OH No, he just wants to play with the items on the TV - in person.  Here.  THAT ball, on TV.  THOSE bubbles on Sesame Street. etc.

What do I do?

Logic/WHO/ et.al. would all tell me: "Turn off the damn TV!!" ...and I do, sometimes.  But he doesn't vegetate in front of the TV, doesn't drool, and doesn't sit and watch - it's just on, and as he plays he looks up here and there.

I'm not a bad mom because I let my kid watch TV. 

I'm not.

I can see how marketing is geared towards children.  It's a dirty, dirty business.

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  1. I do that same thing. The tv stays on. Eva will look at it a few seconds and look away. I don't think allowing kids to watch tv makes you a bad mom. I think it hslps build imagination (Eva pretend plays what she's seen) and its helping her to remember her numbers and letter.