Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2Y9D: Rain & The Computer pt.3

Ah rain.  It's good for flowers, fields, and filling up the reservoirs.

But you know what it's not good for?  Two- year old toddlers who trash Tupperware cabinets,  good temperaments, and the fast passage of time.  It seemed it was 9:30am for at least 4 hours today.  And by 9:30, it was already a very long day.

And it was cold.  Very very cold, and very very wet.  So taking the kids out, unless it was really necessary was just not in the cards.

However, rain is good for one thing, making you sleepy; and for  first time in 2 days big D took a nap. Actually, for the first time ever, all three of us took a nap.  It's a good thing too, because headaches, children, and rain do not mix well.

This afternoon, (which was so dark it seemed like night), I left my already sad computer open to change yet another diaper ( I do this quite often throughout the day) I came back to this:

My typing is getting worse, but my knowledge and memory of where the keys are is getting better.  Perhaps this is the new way to learn how to type...perhaps not.

On the plus side, I did some baking - ok, I'm currently doing some baking for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It'll be really nice to spend some time with the Grandparents - though tiring as it can be, there is no end to the love they share.

For family, we are very thankful.

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