Friday, November 18, 2011

2 Years, 5 days - Sappy Sweet

When the child is quiet...he's up to something.

This is was a new bottle of syrup as of Monday.  Today is Friday.

It's real.
It's big.
It was left on the kitchen table after breakfast. was quiet.

I say: "Daaaaniel...Whatcha doooin'?"

He walks around the corner with this jug of syrup drinking from it as though it were a bottle.  Tilted up, fingers through the jug handle, syrup dripping all down his outfit.  Now of course, I don't have a picture of that, because that would just be too lucky on my part to have my camera in my hand at that very second.  So I quickly take away the bottle and look down at the damage:

Doesn't look too bad...

Until I look closer to the refrigerator:

From where I stand this is what I see...

...and then I walk around the corner:

Those tiles are 12" x 12".

It's a good thing I mopped on Wednesdaay, this could have been a real pain in the a** to clean up.


  1. Oh my god...I need to sell The Bean before she hits two.

  2. looks as nasty to clean up as the raw eggs I had to deal with over 30 years ago. If they're quiet and out of sight, you have to be prepared for a surprise. SURPRISE!!!