Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Years, 4 Days - Search and Recover, dates gone wild

It's amazing how much work goes into moving children from one location to another.  Packing a bag which contains all of the following: Diapers, wipes, food/snacks, milk/drinks, change of clothes, changing blanket, Tylenol, tweezers, sanitizer et al +/- a few things takes more time than you think. Plus. getting the baby into her car seat and D to walk to the car instead of running into our neighbors yard  takes at least an additional ten.

And that is just to go to the park! 

Today we had an appointment (OK, I thought we had an appointment today) that would take us right up to D's nap time.  Inside the office were tons of kid toys, books, and playthings - even a TV with Disney jr..  There were other kids his age to play with. But does he find any of this interesting for more than 5 minutes? Oh no.

He goes exploring.

Imagine; a double stroller, a 2 year old, and a 3 month old who really just wants a nip of the good stuff.  Now, imagine that 2 year old going behind the front office counter and straight over to the water cooler which has both hot and cold levers.  He's never seen one, how on earth does he know how to use it? 

He does.

After being escorted out of that area, he runs to the back where the offices are.  Mommy chasing behind asking him...pleading him to "stop, come back, don't go in there."  In each office he finds a toy, which, he is told, he can take back into the waiting room.

He's so friendly and flirtatious about it, no one seems to mind.  Instead of a firmer reaction, he is greeted with smiles, and remarks about how cute and friendly he is.

Not what I want to hear as I'm trying to herd him back to our stuff.

This goes on for an interminable half an hour.  When we are finally seen, he practically tears this poor woman's office apart, from the plastic inserts in the desk where cables would go through, to the entire box of tissues, and posters, books, and files...sigh.  I'm focusing on him so much I barely hear what the woman had to say.

In the end, she asks me to fill out a survey, which I do.

They get good marks on all except the "waiting a long time" to which the person  I gave the form said:

"You realize your appointment wasn't until tomorrow, right? Today is our busy day but we squeezed you in because it looked like you had a hard time getting here."

Ah, Nice.  I'm the fool who needs a watch that only tells me what day of the week it is.

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