Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 Years, 6 Days - Clothing Optional

We are all born into this world beautiful, soft, and naked (once we're cleaned up.)

For some reason, our Cro-Magnon ancestors decided to cover our parts and pieces, at least a little bit.  Aside from protection from the weather, it's hard to tell why. 

Today we are required to cover up, a law protects others rights from our indecent exposure.  But why?  We all have boobs, butts and nipples, right?

Alas, we cover up.

Daniel was dressed by his dad today in cute overalls:

He's going through a period where he doesnt like to wear clothing - especially pants.  He runs around the house and jumps on his bed.  Though cute as always, it's hard to take him to the park like this.
(I know, it's  a full diaper)

Then, when you try to catch the little guy, he slides off the bed and onto the floor:

Runs across the house and tries to take off his shirt in the process.  This day his disrobing antics were thwarted, and he was dressed once more.

He has also discovered that he has parts that feel good when touched.  Currently he is on a nipple kick, but he has also found interest inside the diaper.  Oh help us, this is just going to get worse.  I don't want him to feel badly, self conscious,  or embarrassed.  I suppose around here, clothing is optional only before bath time or when I'm too tired to put his pants back on.

Then again, maybe he doesn't like is diaper;  tonight he managed to take his diaper off without taking his overalls off. There were a few snaps unsnapped and POOF baby parts and pieces airing out inside his pants, and a diaper on the floor.

Brian thinks he's the David Copperfield of the baby world.


  1. Usually that is a strong sign he is ready to begin the potty training experience. Not that he will do it yet but psychologically. His brain is telling his body it is time to grow up.

  2. We think so, too. He has a potty in the bathroom, but hasn't expressed interest in using it.