Sunday, November 20, 2011

2Y7D: These teeth are made for chomping

Daniel has had teeth since he was 4 months old.  Unlike my daughter, who, at 3 months is already getting her canines, (I know, vampire baby)  D. got his teeth in the typical order.

And they are sharp.

And he eats paper.

Today he was chewing on a chunk of envelope.  He knows he isn't supposed to chew any paper like that because every time he does something he shouldn't, he looks at me with his charming smile and says: "Hi!"

I tried fishing out the spit ball (which you know is just a few months away) and he chomped.  Hard.

He's like an alligator, easier to keep his mouth closed than open.

I yelled so loudly, I scared myself.  But did he let go?  Oh no.  I really thought the "ow, oW, OW, OW, OW" would have have givin him the clue to let go... and...eventually, he did.

And left teeth marks.

Once I calmed down, I asked for "kisses for my boo-boo."  You know, like mommy's do.

What did he do?  That alligator reared back, bared his teeth, and clamped down once more.  I was horrified! I had to look to make sure he didn't draw blood.

What did I do?  I picked that green scaled animal up by his tail and, with all the reservation of an American Indian, put him in time-out.  In his room.  With the door shut.

We both took a time out.

And now I sit and think about how to deal with my paper chewing, alligator, biting child.

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