Monday, November 21, 2011

It's not all that bad

"Kisses Amelia" in a sing song voice, he leans over and gives her some love.

The first week of his second year third year of his life started out with an explosion.

But it isn't all that bad.  Sometimes, like this afternoon, he does something that just melts my heart.

Then seconds later, rips his pants and diaper off and goes barreling through the house.  (Sorry, no baby parts and pieces pictures...he might read this one day)

To burn energy and get fresh air, we go to the park.  And,  though chilly, today was a beautiful day:

The more energy he burns the better, especially since he didn't nap today.

Miss Amelia didn't do too much running, but she was pretty cute.

Yet as much fun as we had,  by the time we got home, we were missing 1 shoe and 2 socks.  I found the shoe, but I didn't find the socks.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll retrace our steps.  The worst part about losing these particular socks, is that they were a mismatched pair to begin with, the others are in the laundry.  *sigh.

He fell asleep at 6pm, so you know at 3am he'll be up and ready to play...I should go to sleep myself.

UPDATE-  I WAS RIGHT!!  That stinker  woke up at 3am and played until 4:30.  Wide awake.  Miss Amelia was awakened by the crashing of D's dump-truck into the cabinets...or was it the screaming and crying when he dropped his ambulance (that he got at the ER the other day) behind our bed? Either way, just as he was settling down, she woke up and wanted breakfast. 

It's a good thing I went to sleep early.  Wonder what today holds for us?

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  1. I've always said parenting is simultaneously the most rewarding and straining experience ever. This kinda grasps what I mean. Love the park photos.