Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 Years, 3 Days - Computer part 2, hitting mom

Tonight the computer lost a few more keys to the tiny fingers of my two year old.
It feels like I'm typing half on keys and half on spikes.

However, my day isn't all that rough.  I do get to watch "Barney", "All About Airplanes", and "How They Build It - Buses", ad nauseum.   HA! And I said I would never put the TV on while he was awake... who was I kidding?

Seriously though, D. hit me today - pretty hard.  He hit me on the head while I was putting him in time out for taking the can of Diet Rite (which I left within his reach somehow) and pouring it out all over the sofa.  I sat him on his time out stool and tried multiple ways to get him to look at me so we could talk about the 'spilling thing' when he swatted.  So now, I'm getting angry and don't want to lose my cool or control of either myself of the situation so, after he whacked me again, I started to pretend cry.

"WAAAaaa, Ouchie, you gave mommy a boo-boo on my head. Waaaaaa Mommy gets hurt when you hit like that." etc.

Seeing me, and hearing me do this upsets the boy into tears.  He called for Daddy, of course.  B. comes over and tried to make D apologize for hitting mommy - no luck.  At least I got a hug out of the deal, and he didn't hit me again - redirected.

That makes me sing:                       (to the Peaches & Herb tune "Reunited")
Redirected and it feels so good
Redirected 'cause he understood
There's no reason to hit
And, baby, Mommy's the shit
We both are so excited
'Cause you're redirected, hey, hey

It's late, the kids are both asleep, and as much as I could eat an entire cake washed down with a fifth of Malibu...I'm hittin' the sack.

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