Friday, November 25, 2011

2Y10D: happy thanksgiven

When I think of thanksgiving, I think of family.

Family is not just mom and dad, grandparents, siblings and pets. A family is a group of two or more who share a deep genuine care for and about each other. Many times a persons chosen family is a closer knit group than blood relatives.

Some may disagree with this, but I strongly believe that just because you are born kin, doesn't automatically make you family.

If family were gold, I 'd be a very wealthy woman. Though genealogically speaking, my family tree is as small as Charlie Brown's, I have cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends all of whom i call my family and all of whom share one thing in common; they are not related to me. Not even a small branch on my tree can claim them.

And so, to explain, I say this: I may have a stumpy family tree, but I have a beautiful, colorful family garden.

For my family young and old, I am thankful.

For good food in abundance, I am thankful (and a bit guilty and gluttonous)

For friends near and far, new and long lasting, I am thankful.

And for Tv shows that keep my son's attention without me, high capacity nighttime diapers,and the hope that both children go to sleep hassle free by eight, I am thankful in advance.

Happy thanksgiving to all, And to all a good night.

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